Back to School? A Warm Welcome from SASiety!

Welcome and welcome back everyone! 

We hope you had a good summer and are all excited for the new academic year –  we certainly are.

Last year, as our returning students would know, was a hybrid year; we held online and in-person and virtual study sessions, and an in-person ball (of course!). We hosted virtual quizzes, and in-person pub quizzes. Once again, this year we maintain that working on a hybrid mode is the most inclusive way of making it possible for our home and international students to be part of the fun. 

However, we need your say!

We have created a google form with three polls that you can fill out:

  1. Monthly Pub Quiz: Which day of the week suits you best?
  2. SASiety Winter Ball: Would you be interested?
  3. Study Sessions: In-person? Online? How often? What format?

Please follow this link to answer the polls!

To stay up to date with our events, make sure to join our Facebook group. If you don’t have Facebook, fear not! We will also send out emails about our main events and if you are interested in any of our reoccurring in-person meet-us (Pub Quiz and Study Sessions) just let us know and we’ll add you to a separate mailing list.

You can also follow our official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and make sure to regularly check out this space, of course! We know we have been fairly quiet in the last year, but we are hoping to change that.

Lastly, every organisation, society, and club needs volunteers to keep it going — so do we! If you are interested in joining our committee, writing our blog, or just helping a single event, do let us know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

All best wishes,
Your SASiety Committee

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