Black History Month: Write for Us!

In the United Kingdom, Black History Month is celebrated every October. While our efforts to support, amplify, and highlight Black voices is an all-year-round effort, Black History Month creates the opportunity to participate more meaningfully and wholly by drawing attention specifically to achivements (both contemporary and historical) of the Black community. We hope you join our endeavours this month! For more information on Black History Month, do visit which  is an invaluable resource relating to foregrounding the too-often unheralded accomplishments of Black Britons.

Our submissions are open for Black History Month. We accept writing excrepts, reviews, thoughts on your favourite books (fiction or non-fiction) written by a Black author you love; especially what makes the book so special to you and why you recommend it. It doesn’t have to be long, anything between 250 – 500 words would be amazing. We are excited to receive your book suggestions and make it part of the conversations that we are having here at SASiety! 

This call for submissions is open to everyone — if you could send us your favourite books our way by Monday 17 October, 2022 we would appreciate it. You can write to us simply by emailing us at

As ever, we look forward to reading your submissions!

But surely to tell these tall tales and others like them would be to spread the myth, the wicked lie, that the past is always tense and the future, perfect.

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