SAS Worldwide: CIESAS, Mexico City

Pippa Cooper’s Turing Scheme  mobility takes us 5,545 miles across the ocean to Mexico City! 

Pippa Cooper

Institute of Languages, Cultures & Societies, Research Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Arriving in Mexico

I spent four weeks at CIESAS (Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antrolpología Social) in Mexico City in June – July 2022. Shortly after arriving I met with my supervisor and we agreed a plan of work for the placement that included networking, a literature review, and some preliminary fieldwork.

Over the next four weeks I met up with academics and students in my field, from CIESAS and from other universities in Mexico City, I attended classes with doctoral students, and I spent time in the CIESAS library where I was able to access resources not available in the UK. 

Attending the 'Coloquios'

A highlight of the placement was the week of the ‘coloquios’ when PhD students’ presented their research to date and their plans for their upcoming fieldwork. It was extremely beneficial to listen to their presentations and hear the feedback they received from experts in their fields. I learnt about new literature and resources in these presentations and many of the comments and criticisms made by attending academics were relevant for my own methodology and fieldwork. The week I spent with these students also improved my communication skills and my knowledge of academic Spanish.  

"The placement made me more confident in my research. It has helped to clarify the direction I would like the research to take and also helped me establish a new network of contacts in Mexico."

Disclaimer: Sadly, the placement at the CIESAS is not offered this year – but there are 8 other amazing mobilities on offer for SAS students.  

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