“I kind of think of SASiety as “ohana”. It means family in Hawaiian, but it can refer to a family you find yourself in. Ohana can include best friends or anyone you feel close to. That’s what I want SASiety to be.” – Conny Kaufmann
Conny Kaufmann
IMLR/ILCS PhD Candidate

About SASiety

Born within the walls of the legendary Senate House, the SASiety aims to continue a tradition of intellectualism, cultural inquisitiveness, and interest in what makes us tick not only as individuals but also, as a collective whole. Though the society was originally created to bring in together postgraduate students from different institutes within the School of Advanced Study, we are committed to bringing together people from all paths of life and we welcome anyone who wants to join in on the conversation.

We hope our blog is a safe space for everyone. Our priority is to report on the happenings within the School of Advanced Study and to also keep us in the loop about important global events. It is our duty to report factually correct news and we will always add the opinions of experts in our posts to keep you best informed.

You can participate and post your thoughts, too! Every so often we will have open calls where we will accept submissions so you can let us know what you think on certain topics.

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Your SASiety Team

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SASiety Committee

Conny Kaufmann (ILCS/IMLR)

SASiety Blog Editor

Conny was the SASiety president of the academic year 2021/22. Before taking on the role, she was chief-editor of our blog. Thanks to her, we have this amazing website. She is also one of the most impressive people you’ll ever meet: not only is she working full-time, she is also doing a part-time PhD, has a passion for traveling and, of course, helping others. SASiety wouldn’t be the same without Conny’s amazing work!

Natalia Fantetti (IES)

Vice President


Natalia was our academic events officer for the two years. She supervised our academic events, such as (virtual) conferences, academic talks, and more! She put on an amazing one-day symposium for International Women’s Day. Now, she has decided to take on even more responsibilities as Vice President! We are so thankful for all the work you are doing. 

Elena Zolotariov (IES)



Elena was the SASiety President in the academic year 2020/21. For her second year of full-time PhD studies, she decided to take a step back. Now she is back as Secretary and Content Creator. Without her our meetings wouldn’t be as organized as they are. Her amazing eye for design and decoration has helped us once or twice already. 

Antimo Lucarelli (ILCS/IMLR)



Antimo joined our SASiety team in the academic year 2021/22. While his main responsibility were to oversee our social media and marketing, he also was a helping hand at every event. Antimo has now taken over the role of SASiety Associate who wil

Monja Stahlberger (ILCS/IMLR)


Monja was blog editor, social events officer, and now has stepped up as SASiety president for the academic year 2022/23. 

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