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Being part of the SASiety means being part of a collective. Normally, we would all meet in person and have the ultimate bake-offs, enjoying freshly baked scones and your favourite cup of Twinings. We would have quiz nights at Stewart House and get togethers. These difficult times have, however, unfortunately forced us to operate primarily virtually. Despite the fact that we are not going to meet you this year physically, we have put together a series of writing segments that you can be part of and participate. Our responsibility, first and foremost, is to be a bridge between all the different institutes within the School of Advanced Study, to get to know each other, and to remain connected. 


Below you will find information about which segments are still accepting submissions. All submissions should be sent to We look forward to hearing from you!


✔London in Literature (OPEN): Calling all our students, researchers, staff members, to contribute your own literary experience of London. Whether fiction/non-fiction/poetry, let us know your favourite book (or books; the sky is the limit!) based in London — why it might be your favourite book and what it means to you. We accept anything that is -/+ 300 words! 

✔SAS Reviews (OPEN): Do you like attending events within the School of Advanced Study? Did you recently read something that shook you to your core? Share with us and the community your favourite events. We accept anything above 300 words!

✔Study Tips (OPEN): How do you sort your research? Do you swear by a study method, software or app to help you keep your material sorted? Postgrad life can be overwhelming, so maybe you use a study hack that could really benefit someone else as well! Share with us and the community your favourite study and research tips. We accept anything above 300 words!

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