If you’re new to this site you might never guess it, but SASiety in its current form is only five months old! This blog is even younger, as we only started it in late November. Yes, sometimes that boggles our minds too, especially considering we’ve just successfully hosted our very first symposium

We’ve been bursting with ideas for this blog and for creating a student community at the School of Advanced Study, University of London and have been working hard to realise some of those ideas already. But we’re still new and we have a lot more to say. So we decided that we’d throw ourselves out there and join a challenge this year. 

Not just any challenge, but the April Blogging A-Z Challenge. That means that every day in April we will be posting (except Sundays, because students need sleep too), and every day, the post subject will start with a different letter of the alphabet, starting with A on 1st April and ending with Z on 30th April. We’ll also be linking to other blogs participating in the challenge (all genres welcome). 


Theme Reveal

*drumroll please* The theme for our first blogging challenge is: Postgrad Life. 

This blog might still have baby-soft skin, but everyone at the School of Advanced Study is a postgraduate student. To introduce ourselves a bit more and help our fellow students out at the same time, this year’s theme will include vital information to survive postgrad life at universities in general, and the University of London in particular, from Admissions to Zotero. 


  1. Interesting theme, look forward to dropping by for a look.

  2. Looks interesting, as I’m a French teacher, it’s going to be fun to read how things are going elsewhere 😉
    My 2021 AtoZ Reveal

  3. I think taking part in the challenge is a great way to get the word out abotu a new blog. Well done!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – The Great War

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  6. This is a great theme, and I love London, so I’m excited to follow along your challenge! Best of luck!

    Jamie Lyn Weigt | St. Paul 2 St. Pete

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie! We look forward to catching up with your adventures 🙂 -Elena

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