Welcome to Bloomsbury – the literary hub of London. Here at SAS we are very proud to stake a claim to walk the same roads Virginia Woolf and Dorothy Richardson once used to walk which is why we decided to dedicate our “B” to our beloved Bloomsbury.

Home to the British Museum, the renowned publishing house
Bloomsbury Publishing as well as the University of London, Bloomsbury is considered one of the most cultural, intellectual, and educational areas in the city. 

The School of Advanced Study is one of the leading institutions when it comes to research in the humanities. So naturally, SAS students can benefit from the inspiring  environment of Bloomsbury. There is no better place to write a thesis on one of the famous members of the Bloomsbury Group than right here where they used to eat, meet and sleep. You can literally retrace their steps (not only in one of the many walking tours that are offered around here). 

In Bloomsbury, you can escape the loud noise and the buzzing streets of the city. You can enjoy some peace and quiet in one of the green spaces, including Russell Square and Bedford Square. You can grab a coffee in one of the lovely, independent coffee shops. You can spend hours rummaging through the bookshops in Bloomsbury looking for hidden treasures in the bookcases. 

Whether you are here for a short visit, or it’s the destination of your daily commute, Bloomsbury is a fantastic area. Exploring the museums and galleries is a great day out in London. Catching some fresh air in parks is a very welcome break from long study sessions in one of the many libraries and archives located in Bloomsbury. And why not treat yourself to a cold pint (or any other drink) at the Lamb. After all, Dickens was a frequent customer here.

Monja's Bloomsbury To-Do List

Written by Monja Stahlberger, IMLR PhD Candidate

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  1. It’s not so easy to admire the Rosetta Stone — I think it’s always completely mobbed! lol
    Black and White: C for Camelot

    1. You aren’t wrong! I often go to see the Parthenon Marbles — it’s quite sobering in the Acropolis museum, you can certainly feel the lack or their absence in Athens since the British Museum has, like, half of them. At the same time I do appreciate being able to see them away from home. Still, I’d certainly prefer it if they were returned ?

  2. […] luckily for us as students at SAS, we are slap-bang in the middle of it. Located in the heart of Bloomsbury with the delights of Covent Garden, the bustle of Oxford Street, and the canalside calm of King’s […]

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