Advent Calendar – Day 2: DIY Advent Wreath

An Advent wreath not only looks nice, cosy and a lot like Christmas, its four candles also help us to count down the weeks until Christmas Day, by lighting one candle every Sunday during Advent.

There’s a German saying that goes along the lines of: “First one, then two, then three, then four and Christmas is at your door. But when the fifth light is lit, you’ve missed it.”

What you’ll need to make your wreath:

4 candles        
a fire safe base (I’m using a normal plate)    


Everything else is additional: I’ve used…      

Paper (I’m using brown paper, but you can also just use normal paper and colour it or draw shapes on it or use wrapping paper)     

Star-shaped biscuits   
Sewing thread 

I bought:
Red plastic berries (Wilko £1)            
Cinnamon sticks (Wilko £1)

 I would recommend using evergreens and pinecones if you can get your hands on those!

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