Hello and welcome to the first of the November Friday Quizzes. The aim is to have between 3-5 new quizzes for you every Friday for that pre-weekend tea break. If you want to take part, simply click the link to do the quiz and then make a note in the comments of your score, time if you scored full points, and institute. At the end of the month I will tally up who won and we will see which institute comes out on top!

This week we have three London based quizzes to see what you know about the city around SAS (even if we can’t go and walk around it right now!). The remaining two are geography based, with a topical quiz on US state capitals, and the most tricky of the bunch which is a minefield style challenge to name the closest alphabetical countries to Germany’s borders.

No pressure to do all of the quizzes, or any at all! A new quiz selection will be out next Friday so you have till then to take part. Have fun!

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