FutureLearn: Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers

In our conversations with many postgraduate students, it is not an understatement to say that alongside with enjoyment and pleasure that comes with research, there is always a more grave, underlying, concerning (some would say existential) question: what comes next?

Liz Wilkinson (Careers Adviser, University of London) brought the “Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers” course to our attention and we thought it would be fitting to also share it with you. The course is free and lasts for four weeks. The required study is 3 hours per week, so a total of 12 hours over 4 weeks. This course will help you determine what skills will help you progress in an academic career and evaluate different paths and career options, if you think that academia is not something you want to pursue. 

What topics will be covered?

  • Factors that are important when considering future career development including key drivers, strengths, interests, personality, and values and how these impact career choice.

  • Experience, skills and qualifications that aid progression in an academic career and how to build relevant experience.

  • Common career areas researchers enter outside academic research and how to generate and research individual career ideas

  • CVs for different roles and how to present experience effectively when applying for academic and non-academic jobs

  • What to expect at academic and non-academic interviews, and how to prepare effectively for these.

This is a rare opportunity to explore your career opportunities as a researcher in conversation with PGRs and post-docs from across the UK. I hope that the flexible online format will enable as many SAS PGR students to participate as possible. Make the most of the 6 weeks free access!
Liz Wilkinson
Careers Adviser, University of London

FutureLearn’s “Career Management for Early Academic Researchers” is open to all and so far, there are nearly 12,000 people enrolled! The course has been developed at The University of Glasgow, The University of Edinburgh, and The University of Sheffield. You will be taught by Dr. Sharon Maguire (Careers Consultant, University of Edinburgh), Katrina Gardner (Careers Manager, University of Glasgow), and Rachel Roberts (Careers Consultant for Researchers, University of Sheffield). This course is particularly catered for academic researchers — both postgraduate candidates (PhDs) and early career researchers (post-docs). Enroll here! 

Lunchtime discussion

This Friday, 12th March, Liz is also hosting an informal Careers Management session for research students at the School of Advanced Study. An email should have gone out to all postgraduate students, so if you are enrolled at SAS, check your inbox. While this session between 1pm and 2pm is geared towards participants of the FutureLearn course, Liz is also happy to discuss any careers management issues you may have in general.  Register here to join this lunchtime session!

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