SASiety’s Virtual Writing Retreat II

On Friday 26th of February, SASiety held its first 4-hour “Virtual Writing Retreat” and we were delighted to see many of you zooming in across the globe! Islay Shelbourne, the organiser of the Virtual Writing Retreats noted, “We have received lots of great feedback on our February Writing Retreat and are eager to get the next one in the diary. Originally, we had planned for the retreat to happen once a month, however due to the success of the first one (and how productive we all felt after it was over) we are looking at running them every two weeks, with one full length session (two 1h30 blocks with a break in between) and one shorter, more casual one (just one 1h30 block with a longer debrief after).”

Below we have added polls where your input would be invaluable. Do let us know whether you are interested in fortnightly or monthly sessions, and if Fridays are a good day to attend! 

In Islay’s words, “we really want to help as many of you as possible to access the community-feel of working on your research alongside others, so these retreats will be tailored as possible to all of your needs. 

We hope to see you there! 

Find the schedule of our first retreat here. 

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