Weekly Favourites: Our Top SAS Events 08 – 14 March 2021

Last week, we recommended events that mainly revolved around academic research and practice. This week, we are recommending a more balanced schedule: interchanging between sharpening your critical tools and skills through our SAS Central events while also finding some time to think creatively and culturally about feminism, the ways in which gender is historically constructed, and the intertwining of poetical inspiration and research. 

There are, of course, more events taking place within SAS, so we highly advise you to visit SAS’ Events Page to get more of an idea of the extensive events that are available. 

If you’d like to review one of the events, you can! Click here for more information. 

International Women’s Day Symposium – SASiety
Monday 8th March 2021, 11.40 – 19.00, Book Here

We, of course, had to include our inaugural society’s Symposium co-organised by our Academic Events Officer, Natalia Fantetti (IES), and the President of SASiety, Elena Zolotariov (IES). The Symposium will explore the ways in which women are retrieved from the archives, the importance of feminism and intersectionality, while we will also be speculating what the future might look like. Whether you join us for a panel or for the day, we hope to see you there! 

Writing an Introduction – SAS Central
Tuesday 9th March 2021, 11.00 – 12.00

We cannot be the only ones struggling with putting an introduction together. You know the feeling: you have been looking at a sentence for so long, it stops making sense. Is it cheating to start with a quote? How long is long? How can one write a concisecompelling introduction, whether it is an eye-catching opening paragraph or an engaging first section? This session, according to SAS Events, “focuses on introductions to essays and shorter pieces of writing. Students are invited to send the workshop leader a short introductory paragraph (c.150-200 words) which they are happy for the others to read and discuss as a group. Please email your paragraph to elizabeth.dearnley@sas.ac.uk before 8th March.”

Poets and Archives – IES
Tuesday 9th March 2021, 18.00 – 19.15, Book Here

After you’ve spent some time labouring away on crafting the perfect introductory paragraph, why not unwind with some food for the soul? Poetry is what we recommend. Hear from poets Linda Anderson, John Challis, and Theresa  Muñoz, who will be exploring the relationship between poets and archives, asking (and answering the question) about the many ways writers can engage with, and make innovative use of, collections. 

Online Research Methods – SAS Central
Thursday 11th March 2021, 15.00 – 17.00, Book Here

Freshen up your knowledge with this seminar on Online Research Methods conducted by Naomi Wells (IMLR, SAS). As the website states, “[t]his session will offer an introduction to researching online in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with a focus on qualitative approaches to the study of contemporary digital materials. … We will look at how online materials can be used alongside ‘offline’ research, and also discuss specific issues involved in working with online data, such as ethical concerns.” 

Imagined identities, gendered history. Modern Germany and the construction of difference – IHR
Friday 12th March 2021, 17.15 – 19.00, Book Here

Finally, we are wrapping up this week with IHR’s Women’s History series, where Prof. Martina Kessel will reflect on “the construction of imagined identities as a basic structure of modern German society and asks how (and which) notions of Self impacted and framed the development of politics and institutions. That involved discussing processes of gendering (and un-gendering?) the history of modern Germany.” We think this event will not only be extremely relevant to our history buffs, but it will also be of immense value to those that are thinking of the history of gender and its construction. 

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