A New Year Semester Chapter

Hello everyone! We would first like to start by wishing you a very happy new year — even though, yes, it might be the 18th of January, which means we’re half a month into the new year, but merely a week into the semester. We hope you’ve all adjusted to the hectic rhythms of the new semester: whether or not we do our degrees virtually or in person, research seems to be never-ending. Archives are constantly being digitised and the need for reading glasses increases by the day. Yes, it can sometimes be tiresome (especially when you cannot find something important), but there is always a silver lining. That email that has been sitting in your inbox since before the holidays? Time to get to it! 

For those that have joined us this academic year — we’d like to extend a very warm welcome from the entire SASiety committee. This is something that current members already know, but we want you to feel like you are part of a community, which can be increasingly difficult when our noses are buried in books 24/7 and we hardly get to see each other. Which is why we encourage you to message us about anything we can be of help with. You feel you need more socialisation? LET US KNOW. We are writing in caps to stress its importance. Let us reiterate the sentiment, both in caps and in bold. DEFINITELY LET US KNOW. 

We are also aware how busy everyone is and of the danger of getting zoomed out. One of SASiety’s purposes is to be a place to unwind and relax, and so with that in mind, we want to cater to everyone: whether you prefer quizzes or just silent study sessions. We are also committed to continue the work on the blog. We appreciate the excitement and warmth with which you have embraced our new blog and we couldn’t do any of this without the invaluable help of our Editor-in-Chief, Conny Kaufmann, and Assistant Editor, Monja Stahlberger. 

Our submissions are always open and, in fact, you can check what we have to offer this semester here. Are you a frustrated art/literary critic? Did you attend any SAS events that really stuck with you? Then we are the place for you!


A New Vision Idea Us

Monja, first year MPhil at the IMLR and SASiety’s Assistant Editor, hopes to meet everyone in person very soon. For the time being, she is committed to present the SAS experience via our blog. The blog should give SAS students from all institutes a platform to share their student life, from their favourite book to their personal study hacks. When meeting in person seems a very distant dream and another zoom meeting seems like a chore, our blog is perfect for staying connected with the SAS family all over the world!

Islay, second year MRes student at the IHR and the SASiety Social Events Officer, is excited to connect with SASiety members at virtual social events over the next term. Postgraduate study can be a lonely business, but whether it is a quiz-based breather or a focussed Zoom group writing session that helps you feel more connected to the wider SAS community, Islay is hoping she can help to bridge the gap between our screens with social events this semester. If you have any ideas of things that would help you, please do get in touch!

Natalia, PhD Candidate at the IES and SASiety’s Academic Events Officer, is looking forward to getting to know everyone better over the coming semester. From SASiety’s very first full-day symposium on International Women’s Day to a speaker series in the pipeline, she is hoping to put together a programme that will walk the line between fun and thought-provoking. And with a bit of luck and support, we will be able to generate conversations and collaborations between the Institutes at SAS and beyond!


Stay Connected

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