Getting to Know You – Recap

Saying Hello to Our Newest Members

On 15th January 2021, SASiety gathered virtually over Microsoft Teams to introduce their 2021 initiative in relation to virtual events and how to stay connected from afar. It was a delight seeing new and familiar faces alike; to share what everyone has been up to and what they are currently working on. 

We fully appreciate that it is difficult at the best of times to remain connected when research calls, but we are extremely thankful for your participation and warmth. For those that couldn’t make it, we have attached below our PowerPoint presentation where you can follow through things that we discussed and what is in store for 2021.

Committee Opening Position

As we are growing as a team, we are determined to keep all the students of SAS in touch with the latest news within the nine institutes. For this very reason, we are recruiting a News Correspondent to join our fantastic Blog team. The News Correspondent will be responsible for writing short articles every now and then on SAS’ latest or anything noteworthy from the academic community. We will show you the ropes and what to look out for! If you are interested, do send us a paragraph as to why you think you’d be suitable for the role, any experience and further ideas that you may have to


After we discussed our vision for 2021 (you can read more about this here) we did a quiz kindly facilitated by Islay, Elena, and Monja who quizzed students on facts about London: history, literature, and Bloomsbury, to be exact. Below we are announcing the winners. Congratulations!

Steven Prizeman (IES) was the winner of this quiz, with a total of 18 points. Well done, Steven! 

Janette Bright (IHR), just short of one point, has come second place with a total of 17 points. Excellent work, Janette! 

In 3rd place, we have Deepa Shah (ICwS) and Olivia Baskerville (ICS) who were only two points short of the highest score. Very well done! 

Congratulations to all of you and the rest of our contestants. You are all winners in our hearts! We will be emailing you shortly with your prizes. We hope you had a wonderful time and see you next time. 




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