Virtual Advent Calendar: Voting for the Winner!

Last December, we facilitated a Virtual Advent Calendar with each day being a different kind of surprise. Recipes, stories, DIYs, and facts about holidays that took place during the month of December. We appreciated reading all your wonderful submissions and the stories behind them! We promised that the best submission would win an Amazon Voucher of £10 and the time has come to vote for the submission that you liked most! 

PhD Candidate, Janette Bright (IHR), submitted a variety of recipes: from the first lockdown instagram sensation, Dalgona Coffee to the easiest fudge you’ve ever made and our personal favourite: an 18th century Gingerbread recipe

IES PhD Candidate, Karen Winslow, shared with us a delicious family recipe of Christmas Cookies that warmed our heart. Read Karen’s recipe here

Last but not least, IMLR alumna and SASiety founder, Hari Mountford contributed to this year’s Virtual Advent Calendar with a delicious fudge recipe we can vouch for (our Editor-in-Chief tried it!): Festive Christmas Tree Brownies.

Good luck! Winner will be announced beginning of February. For any questions or enquiries, do contact us at

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