SASiety’s study sessions have been a society staple for the past three years. Born out of the pandemic, when students were unable to meet and socialise as well as study in libraries, the virtual study sessions provided a respite and forged feelings of togetherness and comradeship. It also gave us the opportunity to connect and bring together international students. Continuing our tradition of having a hybrid mode of communication, our study sessions are both virtual as well as in person.

And we are very excited as the results are in! We recently asked you to complete a poll as to when, where, and how long you’d like study sessions to be. You wanted both in-person and online writing retreats, short and long sessions, and for them to be roughly three weeks apart. And so, we’ve tried our very best to fulfil all of your requirements.

We have scheduled in four sessions for this term, with half being in-person and half online, as well as a 50/50 split in terms of being long or short sessions. They will be held on Monday afternoons. The long sessions will have a 30 minute break in the middle for you to recharge your batteries for round two!

The timetable is as follows:

17th October – 3pm-5pm ONLINE
7th November – 1:30pm-5pm (with a break 3-3:30pm) IN-PERSON
28th November – 1:30pm-5pm (with a break 3-3:30pm) ONLINE
12th December – 3pm-5pm IN-PERSON

And as the last session will be just before the Christmas break, we’ll be heading to the pub for some festive drinks to finish off the academic year!

Please fill in the Google form here with which sessions you’d like to attend, and hopefully we’ll see you there.

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